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Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics


With or without dental insurance, everyone deserves reliable, dependable dentistry that you can count on to keep your smile healthy. We make it easy on you and your budget with our Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics VIP Club, where preventive care is yours for one low monthly subscription. Stop wasting and start saving more money today!


Unless you’re coming to us because you have a friend who’s a raving fan, then you might not know why patients choose us as their go-to dental office in Boise. Know that we take getting to know you personally as one of the biggest benefits of why we continue to do what we love to do — helping you!


At Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics, we like to think that it takes an entire team to properly care for our patients’ oral health — where you’re always greeted like a friend and treated like family. We’re a dental office in Boise that enjoys investing everything we have into giving back to our patients and the community we all call home.

Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics

General Dentistry

General dentistry has evolved throughout the years, becoming more innovative and intriguing as technology advances. From a comprehensive examination of your mouth and gums to exceptional dental hygiene cleanings, there’s always something we can do to help you have a healthier smile. You’ll find that we can use our knowledge, experience, and tools to create a treatment plan just for you. We guarantee it will be comprehensive and customized to suit your needs and even exceed your smile goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You’ll notice this word in our name: Aesthetics. In no other part of what we do in dentistry is aesthetics more important than in cosmetic dentistry. This is because we want to improve how your smile looks and how you feel when you look in the mirror. Dr. Bauter has the high-level skill and training to provide you with some of the most requested cosmetic treatments available anywhere, including our popular porcelain veneers. Are you looking for more? Ask about how we can create your custom smile makeover designed distinctively for you.

Restorative Dentistry

Has time been tough on your smile, even though you brush and floss like a boss? For flaws, big to small, we can always turn to restorative dentistry for a solution to repair and even enhance how you see yourself and your smile. Dr. Bauter has the tools, training, and a keen aesthetic eye used together to create some of Boise’s most beautiful dental restorations, including custom crowns and bridges. See your teeth and your self-confidence in a whole new way for an improved take on life.

Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics


Most people would assume that if your father is a dentist, that will inspire you to be a dentist. Dr. Bauter didn’t know he wanted to be in dentistry until he was a senior in college. Once involved, he was instantly hooked, loving that he’s also an engineer, surgeon, psychologist, and entrepreneur where no two days are the same. With decades of dental experience under his belt, Dr. Bauter remains a huge fan of learning, continuing education, and giving back to his beloved Boise neighbors and friends.


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