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Dental Implants in Boise Are Your Solution For a Whole, Healthy Smile

Do you struggle to hide your smile when cameras come out? Are you ready to hear the truth about your missing tooth? You have tooth replacement options, and you’re in the right place to learn more about what they actually are. Make today the day you finally talk about how dental implants in Boise could dramatically improve your oral health, self-confidence, and your overall life experience. Dental implants are by far the best tooth replacement options available today, mimicking your natural teeth for a complete smile you’ll be proud to share with the world.

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What Is an Implant and What Can I Expect?

A dental implant is certainly one of the most innovative inventions dentistry has to offer for patients who have a missing tooth or teeth. It no longer matters why or how you lost your tooth, what’s most important is coming to us to discuss the best options for your needs and goals. A dental implant recreates a natural tooth all the way down to the root. At Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics, we can place a new dental implant for you, or restore your previous implant. That means you’re cared for by the trusted team you know and love — No referrals necessary!

Explore the Many Benefits of Dental Implants in Boise

As our preferred tooth replacement option, dental implants can get rid of missing teeth and even eliminate the need for bridges or dentures. Sound familiar? You can rely on dental implants to:

  • Prevent losing bone mass in your jaw thanks to stimulation like a tooth root
  • Be easily cared for just like natural teeth, but they’ll never get a cavity
  • Restore the force and power behind your bite compared to other restorations
  • Blend seamlessly with your natural teeth for a flawless new look you’ll love

You’ve read the benefits, now it’s time to experience dental implants in Boise for yourself.

A New and Improved Way to Do Dentures

At Bauter Dentistry & Aesthetics, we go one step further than simply placing and restoring single dental implants. You can now experience more comfortable, durable dentures that are secured with dental implant posts. Imagine being able to eat all of the foods you had to give up (Hello, steak and corn on the cob) because they just don’t work well with dentures. Dr. Bauter can show you how implant-retained dentures will give you back the freedom to smile and enjoy the life that you deserve. We can also restore your All-on-4 dentures and more.